Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Free Download of the Day

Many sites with large catalogs have either a featured artist of the day, or a free MP3 download of the day -- or both. I like them because it's a good way to follow who or what is new in all genres. Four I follow are: -- cc:365 -- track of the day with a Creative Commons license, usually accompanied with a link to the netlabel release.

GarageBand -- Face Off, actually two free tracks a day, plus the added twist that you get to vote (registration required) for your favorite. One voter wins around $200 worth of gear every day. The favorite band of the day can go on to win a recording contract. (Warning! highly annoying intro on Face Off page -- turn your volume down!)

Napster -- track of the day (registration required, unless you solve the puzzle). They have the last 7 days available for download.

emusic -- just today's track. I find that emusic has the selection I enjoy most.

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