Saturday, January 06, 2007

Verian Thomas

A little more mind clearing for the new year, this is a beautiful release, Minatures by Verian Thomas, released on the Negative Sound Institute net label. Memories of childhood, "pristine in their imperfection", encoded here in beautiful ambient tracks made with a guitar. Listen well... follow the track titles, or create new titles from your own memories. It's hard to pick just two to sample here...

The Drop From The Tree Is Forgetting To Fly

Those Happy Few Minutes

Thomas also supplies the sample tracks for Those Happy Few Minutes, which you can reweave to your own magic.

My mother is pretty sick right now in the hospital -- she's 83 -- she's never even had a CD player -- but today I'm leaving my headphones and mp3 player with her -- she's pretty uncomfortable. I hope she'll find comfort listening to her favorite childhood memories.

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