Monday, January 01, 2007

Australia Outlaws mp3 Links

A new law in Australia outlaws mp3 links... it's explained in this post. I think the mp3 links are illegal if they are in a "catalog of copyright infringing content". Which puts me (a non-Australian website) right on the edge of Australian law... I've heard this is the case for Switzerland as well.

This seems to have put a bit of a chill in the Australian music blogging scene... Anyone a Lawyer? asks one Australia music blogger... who also crowns my home town (Vancouver, Canada) as a very safe haven for music gear thieves!

Earhead#101111's podsafe status: I tend to focus on Creative Commons links with sharing rights. I occasionally cross link to another music blog, or to a band or music label website; I can't vouch for those links, or any embedded video's. They might be dangerous one day, if the RIAA succeeds in dividing the music world into those that can share they're music, and those that can't.

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