Monday, December 11, 2006

I was lost at for a few days... the first time I've dabbled in P2P (peer to peer) BitTorrent style downloading, so it took awhile to adjust. For e.g., there's no preview, so you must download, and you pay for downloads either with money, or by sharing them with other downloaders. Now I'm sharing a dozen mixes (or, in bittorrent speak: I have a dozen torrents seeded), I can see which files I'm uploading to other downloaders at any time.

About 40 contributers upload 50 new mixes a day to tribalmixes. All club music DJ mixes, some of them mixes for tribalmixes radio. There's also an interesting positive participation/contribution "immortality rating" system that encourages you to particpate.

If P2P sounds like too much work -- there's still podcasts and the radio programs. In addition to Flower Powder, Armando Rossi, from Australia, has caught my attention:

Armando Rossi: Tribalmixes podcast #9

Find out all you need to know about BitTorrent at Wiki.thePPN.

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