Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Recording Industry News

Three stories about the RIAA this week made me lose even more respect for them -- I know... I am occasionally given cause to pitch music CD's here, but how can anybody buy music in good conscience anymore, when they know it puts money in these pirates pockets?

The RIAA is pressing forward in this case against children... whatever happened to the old "slap on the wrist"??? With all this talk of protecting the works of musicians, I find it ironic that the RIAA is now lobbying to reduce payments to artists. This response from songwriters makes an interesting read. And finally, about claims the RIAA makes about loss due to illegally downloaded music, the RIAA is balking at a judges order to justify their claimed loss.

So the world turns... meanwhile, remember to support musicians by attending their shows and buying their merchandise... from them!

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