Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Resonance Association

The Resonance Association (myspace)
Mrs. Vee Recordings releases
ambient, experimental, post rock

Appendix One: Heroes of The Atomic Age (live at Immersion)

Appendix Two: Lower

Be prepared for a listening journey on these releases. The Resonance Association have also orchestrated the "Fake Numbers Station" that you can hear on short wave radio bands, believed to be encrypted messages sent by either a friendly or unfriendly government to their agents, wherever they may be. Here is a short version:

Appendix One: Fake Numbers Station - Transmission Two

Update May 31, 2009: These releases on are down for the moment

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Fake Moon Landings said...

There are four EPs (or mini-albums, depending on how you look at it), to download for free.

I would recommend Volumes One and Two as a starting point.

There is also a downloadable track on Myspace, which is a collaboration with History Of Guns.