Tuesday, April 17, 2007

News Update

The Sansa Connect is the newest MP3 player on the block, featuring wifi, and the ability to download from Yahoo's music service, as well as stream internet radio.

Radio? What Radio? The copyright board didn't budge on it's decision to greatly increase royalty rates, and the future of net radio now hangs on an act of the U.S. Congress to restore the diversity we've become accustomed to. David DeJean wrote about the decision in Information Week... he also wrote a pretty good survey of Internet Radio sites recently. I wonder which ones will be able to afford the new royalty rates.

Meanwhile, over in the music download business, AnywhereCD, offered customers download only copies of CDs for sale. This was for customers who didn't want to take delivery of the physical CDs. Somebody balked, I read it was a record company. You can still get your CDs in MP3 download only, but AnywhereCD will store the physical CD, and destroy it after the auditing requirements are met. Read the whole story.

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